A climbers paradise

The Heart of The Italian Alps

At the heart of the dolomites we have the majestic Cortina d’Ampezzoa and Ampezzo valley. It´s something specialt for the classic climber, who are looking to reaching the beautiful hights of the Dolomites peaks. is just a fantastic place to play, with the added value of the natural beauty of the locations and with a high number of crags in this area. A lot of rock for you, to get your climb on. There are almost 2,000 routes around this locations.

A true paradise for climbers

There is really a challenge for everyone!

At Son Pouses you will find some nice smooth slabs and then opposite to Becco d’Ajal where you will finde a good challenge of overhanging routes to be conqueror. Ore are you into the long and stamina demanding pitches at Rio Gere hard routes. Maybe you are just into a super short and very intens route in Campo and Volpèra.

What ever you are looking for, is in the heart of the dolomites

Trip timeline

A climbing experience of your life

DAY 1: Arrival and Introductions

you will be picked up at the airport of Milano bergarmo where we will head out to the camp of you accommodations where you can pack out and settle in. We go to the food store to do the gooseirs. And later have a introductions meet about the coming weeks plan. Talk about skilles level and what grade of difficulty you are looking for and out handing of all the climbing gear for the week to come. 

DAY 2: Nice sooth slaps

We start out at Sòn Pòuses where you will find some nice smooth limestone slabs there is very compact. This slaps offers a vertical and highly technical climb that will put you foot work to a test. The wall of Sòn Pòuses is located to the south and have in-total of 22 routs of 6a to 7c in difficulties but mostly 6´es. 
Here the pitches will be from 15m to 25m in total length and climbing in a hight go 1560 meters above sea level makes the view spectrally. 

DAY 3: Be the conqueror off overhanging routes

Here we will head over overhanging Becco d’Ajal´s giant rocky tower and the sounding of smaller towers of bèro. The overhanging rocks faces offers a high degree of difficulty from 6a to 8c routs but mostly 7 decreeds routs and in-total of 60 routs with pitches from 15m to 40m in total length You will need to put you bounding sessions into practice, in the overhanging section here. The location and the beautifulness of the area here is magnificent. Been around the large tall towers and the dense forest below make it a place to visit.

DAY 4: Time for intens intimacy

Campo and Volpèra is where we find the short and intense routs that will take all the power you have to over come them. Most of the 60 routs here are short and intense, they go from 8m to 20m and have a difficulty of 4a to 9a but there are powerful and intense. There is also a few vertical walls around that will put you footwork to the test. It´s just pretty full on around here.

DAY 5: Rest

we rest our fingers

DAY 6: A call out for endurance

We head over to Rio Gere, where the test of stamina and strength comes in to place. From 15m to 40 meters of overhanging routs has been bolted into the wall and with a great distant between the pitches, then this calls out for a challenge of endurance. The difficulty here is, from 6a to 8a but mostly 7. 

There is a total of 17 routs at the location but to get them all in a day and you shall receive a free Gelato. The Rio Gere offers climbing in the hight of 1680 meters above sea level and with classic views of the dolomites, Bellissimo. 

DAY 7: Last, but a gem

Last but a gem of wonder, we have Crépe de Oucèra alte. This has to be one of the most imported crags in the eastern dolomites seen from a sports climbing point of view. Its location is at 1800 meters above sea level and offers 75 pitches of 15m to 40m long pitches and with a difficulty of from 6a to 8a+ the Crépe de Oucèra offers a big variety of climbs. Such as smooth vertical walls to the slightly overhanging and extremely overhanging walls. From a sports climbing point of view the south walls of the Crépe de Oucèra is one of the most loving crags in the Cortina area because of its big variety of climbs and its natural beauty. 

DAY 8: Arrivederci le mio amigos

It has come to end of this amazing trip and its now time to pack down and  you will be driving back to the airport again. 

Do we sound interesting?

Hit us and we will get back to you as soon as possible

So how does it work?

We will pick you up when you arrive!
You will be picked up a Milano BGY, Bergamo early in the day and from here we will drive you to your accommondations.

Do I need insurance?

Yes - please make sure you have travel insurance which includes climbing. Viva la climbing have no insurance linked to your climbing only the bus drives.

Trip includes:
All technical equipment
Transportation all the week
Drone footage
Yoga class

Trip excludes:
Airplane tickets
Climbing shoes
Calk bag
Harness Food