Arco – a climbing mecca

136 Crags / 7 Regions / 5260 Routes

Since the nineties, Arco has been the climbing mecca of Italy. Initially, mainly featureless rocks were sought out, but over time, many new climbing sectors emerged everywhere on the surrounding rocks. Thanks to the nearby Lake Garda, climbing is possible in the summer and in the winter, although the number of summer climbing crags is limited. This is why we at Viva la climbing have limit our self to climbs in the spring and autumn.

Trentino – the birthplace of la sportiva

In Trentino, there are a large number and a great variety of rocks. They are all in relative proximity and captivate quite often with their breath-taking surroundings. It is not without reason that Arco is called the mecca of sport climbing and thousands of people come here all year around. The Lake Garda produces a nice mild climate and this circumstance makes year round climbing possible. In addition to Arco, the areas Rovereto, Trento, the Sarca valley together with the Valley of the Lakes and Giudicaria are presented here and we will take a trip around them.

Trip timeline

A climbing experience of your life

DAY 1: Arrival and Introductions

You will be picked up at the airport of Milano Bergamo where we will head out to the camp of you accommodations where you can pack out and settle in. We go to the food store to do the goo. And later have a introductions meet about the coming weeks plan. Talk about skill level and what grade of difficulty you are looking for and out handing of all the climbing gear for the week to come.

DAY 2: Viva la Arco

Climbing in the middle of Arco, the Mecca of sports climbing. Climb in-between olives gardens and the sand coloured walls in the historic location and try out the polished limestone rock. how rock transform over years of been climbed on. A good way to understand the difference between polished rock and sticky rock, as we will be on for rest of the trip.

DAY 3: Sticky Rock

Coming out off Arco and on to new routes that have been made in 2018 and the rock here is not polished at all, here its super sticky rock to climb on. From here you will be able to see the biggest lake in Italy, Lago de Garda while all the beauty of Arco / Riva del Garde and its surroundings can be seen from above.

DAY 4: Deep-water soloing

Bouldering over water in the sunshine, if you have a boulder in you you most come with os her ore For those who dont what to do deep water bouldering there is awesome climbing near by, in the spectacular valley of cimi cappi with vision over Lago de Garda and Monte Altisimo that you will be transported to climb instead. Liquid chalk is often used in place of a chalk bag, as it removes the waste of loose chalk involved in a fall. Some DWS climbers apply liquid chalk in a line on their forearms so they may re-chalk during the climb. Synthetic shoes are preferable to leather ones, as they will not shrink when wet. There will be a boat so no one drowns.

DAY 5: Here we rest our fingers

We have a rest day for the fingers but there will be held a yoga class by the lake that you are invited to, this will be in the start of the day so There is options and time for take a trip into town of Arco and riva del garde to see the beautiful lake and castles, get a taste of the best ice-cream in the world and endless spots in a beautiful scenery.
don't what to rest at the pool, well then there is via ferrates ore hiking on the mountains. There is also the chance of go to see human beans flying at monte Brento where there is base jumping in the morning and evening. To See a human fly over you is pretty spectacular experience.

DAY 6: To the other side of Arco

Here we will head over to the valley on the other side of Arco. we are going to Rovereto, a place with few people and very sticky rocks.

DAY 7: Sarche valley

behind Sarche valley is there a place where there is a view over the start of the dolomites, a place with more ore less no people they our group. The wall is not that known so the rock its just the way we like it. Not polished at all.

DAY 8: Arrivederci le mio amigos

It has come to end of this amazing trip and its now time to pack down and you will be driving to the airport again.

Do we sound interesting?

Hit us and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Your casa...

So how does it work?

We will pick you up when you arrive!

You will be picked up a Milano BGY, Bergamo early in the day and from here we will drive you to your accommondations.

Your casa...

Accommodations its a camping place located in sarche valley that include a full week of living in a hut wit 3 other amigos. There is a kitchen with stove and oven so you can make the food you want to eat. There is also a big swimming pool with a bar to get cooled drinks, beer and food. All this with the beautiful scenery of have Monte Casale mountain in the backyard. Form you casa you will be picked up in the morning everyday and driven out to a handpicked climbing location where you will have the entire day to monkey around until evening come and so does the bus to get you home again. To prepare for the next day.

100 meter down the road there is a big vertical climbing shop with all the ting you cut ever need for climbing sports. By side of it is a building centre we will use incase of really bad weather. And are free to use the hole week. Bad weather day, lucky we are in Italy where the sun is out most the year so incase of rain days, there is a few caves around that we will go a climb in as well, witch are amazing to climb in. It up to you what you want in rainy days.

Middle of the week we have a day to rest our fingers. Here will there be held a yoga class by the lake that you are invited to, But if you are super keen to keep climbing there is a wall 30 min walk form you casa ore a via ferratta at Monte Casale in you backyard. What ever you like to do, we have the necessary equipment for you.

The mountains are calling 
Are you listening ?
We are here at viva la climbing 
So here we are in the mountains 
Where are you ? 


Trip includes:
All technical equipment
Transportation all the week
Drone footage
Yoga class

Trip excludes:
Airplane tickets
Climbing shoes
Calk bag

Can I come by myself?
Absolutely yes - most people book alone. It can feel a bit intimidating, but you will do introductions when you arrive and you’ll get to know the others in no time!
How old do I need to be?
The minimum age for all our courses is 18.
What does the price include?
It includes accommodation, instruction and all technical equipment. transportation from and to the airports well as transportation to and from all the climbing destinations though the week. Photos and drone footage of climber
Do I need insurance?
Yes - please make sure you have travel insurance which includes climbing. Viva la climbing have no insurance linked to your rock climbing. There will be linked insurance in the bus transportation .                                                                                                                                                                    
What is required of me?
For all safety you will need to have a education on a belay cours, this need to be played as a belay at the applying. And you have been belaying within the last 3 months of applying.  
What airport do I fly to?
Milano3 BGY, Bergamo / Orio al Serio International Airport. There goes a morning flight ever Saturday from Copenhagen direkt to Milano and for a?